International fredsbevægelse



International ANSWER

As the Bush administration began its attack on Iraq, using the sons and daughters of America to kill and be killed for his dreams of conquest, peace-loving people throughout the United States and around the world refused to be silenced and took to the streets in some of the largest global protests ever seen. As anti-war demonstrators prepare to go into the streets in vast numbers on Saturday March 22, the protests in the first hours of the U.S. war of aggression have already reached an unprecedented number. From New York City to the White House in Washington DC, San Francisco and other west coast cities, and scores of other towns and cities throughout the country, people resisted and protested the war today while they made plans for mass actions on Saturday.

"What will follow will not be a repeat of any other conflict. It will be of a force and scope and scale beyond what has been seen before," Donald Rumsfeld threatened today. He was met with rolling protests across the world including mass actions in cities across the U.S. as people responded to calls to walk out and showed today that there would be "No Business as Usual."

Students walked out of their schools and marched with workers leaving their jobs and others coming out of their homes, demanding an end to this war drive. In New York City many thousands of protestors overflowed police attempts to barricade them at Times Square and marched through the city in defiance of a police ban on marches. In San Francisco thousands of people shut down the business district and more than a thousand were arrested. Late into the evening thousands more were occupying Lake Shore Drive in Chicago and a huge number of people were arrested. In Washington DC high school students walked out of classes and marched through the city beginning at the White House, where more protestors demonstrated outside Lafayette Park into the evening, despite the White House's demand that the "People's Park" be closed to protests. Earlier in the morning protestors stopped morning traffic on D.C.'s Key Bridge. In Philadelphia peace activists shut down traffic on Broad Street and protested outside the Federal Building. More than 1000 high school students walked out of school in Minneapolis and St. Paul. There were emergency anti-war demonstrations in cities in every state from Lexington, KY and Knoxville, TN to Boston, from Cleveland to Austin to Chapel Hill, NC.

There were spontaneous protests across the world as hundreds of thousands of people converged on U.S. Embassies in Buenos Aries, Manila, Paris, Seoul and Brussels, and made visible the overwhelming popular opposition to Bush's war on Iraq, including in Ankara, Rome, Milan, Taiwan, Calgary, London, Damascus, Cairo, Quito, Bangkok, Johannesburg, Calcutta, Glasgow, Brasilia, Kiev and Moscow. Thousands of students marched through Madrid; a hundred thousand people filled the streets of Athens; and 50,000 marched under the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

The A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition, which organized for today's "If War Breaks Out -- Walk Out" actions, is mobilizing to be in the streets on Saturday, March 22 in New York City, Washington DC, San Francisco and throughout the country.

* EMERGENCY CONVERGENCE on the north side of the WHITE HOUSE at 12 NOON
* In NYC, protest at 11:30 a.m., assemble on Broadway between 41st and 36th St.
* Emergency regional protests in San Francisco, Los Angeles and around the country

New York 212-633-6646
Washington 202-332-5757
Los Angeles 213-487-2368
San Francisco 415-821-6545

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